Movie Review – Donnie Darko (2001)

Rating: 10/10

Review: At any given moment, if you asked Frank what his top ten movies of all time are, this movie would always make the list. “Donnie Darko” is a film every person should watch at least once in their lifetime, though Frank’s personal recommendation would extend to once a year, at least. I would contend that annual viewings are not for everyone, but without a doubt this movie will give the viewer something new and poignant to think about during each subsequent re-watch. The messages conveyed within the film are powerful, haunting, and beautiful.

Some movies are like a Rubik’s cube, a complicated puzzle the viewer must attempt to reassemble in a coherent and cohesive order to fully understand; what makes “Donnie Darko” a true gem is that the film does not, in fact, require any reassembly. The movie conveys precisely the emotions it was designed to convey, regardless of whether it has left the viewer with unanswered questions.

Thumb Rating:
Frank –
Treason –

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