Movie Review – End Day (2005)

Rating: 9/10

Review: What do you get when you combine “Groundhog Day” with “2012?” A cleverly constructed film exploring possible disaster scenarios.

I’ve never been one to seek out disaster movies, though they are a staple in Frank’s viewing catalogue, but “End Day” does a lot of things well. The storytelling is creative, while also being informative. There’s plenty of room for science and conspiracy, hypotheses and speculation.

The movie is a bit dated, and so one particular scenario–titled Strange Matter–is distinctly implausible. CERN has done extensive work with particle accelerators, a decelerator, and the Large Hadron Collider since the film was aired, and as of yet they have discovered no convincing evidence of the hypothetical strangelet. Or, if they have, they’re certainly not telling anyone.

Interesting to note that the original version of “End Day” included a scenario involving a Supervolcano, but the segment was never aired in the US, and our old friends at Nat Geo have removed any reference to its existence on their website. Conspiracy theory, or time constraints? You be the judge.

So with one scenario effectively debunked, replaced by another that is mysteriously absent, we’ve still got four possibilities for the end of the world. There’s something about this genre of movies that excites certain people while simultaneously repulsing others. It seems to be both a testament to our innate voyeuristic impulses, and also an example of our desire to deny or ignore unpleasant inevitabilities.

Thumb Rating:
Frank  – 👍
Treason – 👍

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