The Mission

Honor in Treason is a musical act from West Virginia, United States, consisting of founding members Frank and Kris. Currently, our main hub is Facebook. Soon, we hope this page will become our main hub. In addition to making music, we embrace the arts of writing, story telling, reviewing, and experiencing. This page will ultimately serve as a place to find all of the above. Musicians are real people too, no different than you. Yes, you. And there’s so much more to writing a song than just the pieces that go into the composition. Our songs are made from everything we consume, from the terrible horror movies we watch, to the bolts of lightning we catch on a late night drive, and all that exists in-between.

We are currently working on our debut album, to be released on Bandcamp. In the meantime, we’re doing what we can to promote our friends, have adventures, and tell the story of us.

A huge thank you to the HinT family for your constant support and encouragement. Special thanks to, in no particular order: Kricty Kassis Gallo, David Kaszubinski, Isabel Moreira of Noob Rising, Henry Fool, Reverence, GrevusAnjl, Eddie Shook, Doc Torthis of Dólfinngr Radio, William Dewberry of Dewberry Jam, Colorado Phil of Tri Lakes Radio, Think Good Audio, Icepack Jackson, D3 and Kelley of Keldari Station, as well as Kelley’s solo project, PING, and D3’s other projects (including but not limited to Keep The Fear, D. D. Danahy, Fish Herders, and The Trinity), Special Cecilia, DJMenamenasta, Paul Dews of how far to hitchin, New Neon, Scyia, Kevin Funk of All Frequencies, Lefty, KarNeVor, taRka, Andu Jetpack, Kathy Freeman, Wilfried Hanrath, Russ Sinfield, Stone Catcherye of thee Ancient Aliens (and Keep The Fear), Carlos Vivanco,

And we can’t forget, Hookah the Cat.

Wish you were part of the HinT family? Message us here.